Welcome to Moving Fire Arts!

Welcome to Moving Fire Arts!

MFA provides unique fire spectacles, catchy street theater acts, mesmerizing LED and light shows, performed by an ambitious group of dedicated and professional artists.

Moving Fire Arts shows are developed according to a certain concept with accurate choreography. Besides high fire-technical skills, MFA performers strongly emphasize theatrical expression, acrobatic level, and passion for movement and dance!

The versatile MFA team is endowed with ‘this subtle feeling’ for performing arts in a broad sense. From small to large events, we are on stage with passion and reach out to the hearts of the audience.

Discover Moving Fire Arts

Duo / Solo Fire shows

▶ Fire Theater
▶ Acrobatics
▶ Circus
▶ Dance

Great Fire Spectacles

▶ Total Spectacle
▶ Fireworks
▶ Closing Show
▶ Opening Show

LED & Light shows

▶ LED show
▶ LED entertainment
▶ Light spectacle
▶ Light entertainment

Mobile Street Theater

▶ Stilts Act
▶ Animation
▶ LED & Light
▶ Parade

Flexible Fire shows

▶ Customized Fire shows
▶ Flexible Fire shows
▶ Fire Breather
▶ Fire Dance and Acrobatics

Exclusive shows

▶ Theater
▶ Dance
▶ Acrobatics
▶ Indoor, outdoor

Customized events

Create your event

Do you require more shows or acts to provide your event with? We would love to assist you with the preparations of your event schedule.

Customized show

Are you looking for something different? Then we can provide you with a customized show, which will fit your event.

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